Friday, January 31, 2014

Usual mess and Pete Seeger, RIP

Usual mish-mash of collected links to put up here...
North Dakota recorded 300 oil spills in two years without notifying the public.

Wider study area sought for NW Burke     blogged about some more at the BMN blog

Oil tanker hits whale  ( a cartoon )  Coming to a port near You, soon.

How do Trees Survive Winter? (Youtube)   Well now you know, the secret is out.

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army  (Youtube) Who will win?

BOGGIE - NOUVEAU PARFUM (official music video)   making the rounds this video, imaginative.

Speed ad - Mistakes       Driver awareness from New Zealand, land of good public advertising.

Colours progressively get added to a children's story.    I liked the concept :)

Rabbits and what the Japanese like to do with them in their art. ( en español también )

Have some fun painting  a Jackson Pollock, but without the high price.   Goldie art

Art Blogs:  Cave to Canvas     --- Elizajohn

 What Would Yellow Ranger Do?: A Cartoonish Tale ( a tale about racism )

Observing and Transforming Tradition
Hunting for methane with Katey Walter Anthony.   Alternate title should be : " Lake farts "
Lets go for a walk, a long,long walk.  The Pacific Crest Trail (Three Second Thru-Hike)

And we lost a marvelous human being recently: 

Pete Seeger, Songwriter and Champion of Folk Music, Dies at 94
Wikipedia entry about Pete
Metafilter post about Pete

WARNING  earworm  =   Gusano auditivo

Pete Seeger - Guantanamera   and a younger Pete sings a better version of Guantanamera  -
 Pete Seeger, León Gieco, David Byrne LIVE Guantanamera

Where Have all the Flowers Gone  --- If I Had A Hammer. (1956)  --- Turn, turn, turn - Live in Port Jervis 2010

Weavers re-union Concert - Get up and go 
Pete Seeger - We shall overcome    --- Little Boxes  
---   Waist Deep In The Big Muddy  ---  This Land Is Your Land
Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie - You gotta walk that lonesome valley

  He was also a founder of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, which continues to provide a voice for the Hudson River.  Visit the Clearwater website  

     This is just a tiny,tiny amount of the environmental, social, and music legacy that he left behind. Using music to bring humanity to the world, a wonderful gift.

And finally lets play with some LEGO !   ( I suppose this works better in Chrome, but it worked for me in FF )

Chau chau

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two thousand fourteen, 1st post

A mish-mash of links
what would you do with $25,000  (YouTube)

Interactive bird song poster   I like this, mostly not local B.C. birds, but hopefully it will inspire someone to create much the same for our birds. The Minnesota game department has come out with some very useful things like this through the years, GPS tools come to mind.

 2013 landslides – the five most important events of the year
 Created by Dr. Dave Petley, who is extremely knowledgeable about things that want to be level.

10 Snapshots Of Life Aboard Hospital Trains In WWI.  Anniversary of the beginning of WWI this year.

block prints   and more.

100 years of rock in less than a minute.   There will always be people who like to give names to music, this is a good example of that.

 How to live like a king for very little By THOR HARRIS

Memorabilia from the silver age of passenger trains

 Fraser Surrey docks coal-handling impact explained  ( cartoon )

the best for last:     Teletype google search, does just as it says on the box.  It actually works too. follow the instructions, enter your search term, press the numbered buttons, etc, and away you go..ah, nostalgia

Happy New Year

Panoramio slideshow

Monkey me

Monkey me

Some of the things that keep me out of trouble

I am involved in numerous environmental groups throughout the Tri-Cities area, I manage the Hoy Scott Watershed Societies,(HSWS) salmon hatchery, and keep the volunteers up to date with a Blog
I am also involved with the Maple Creek Streamkeepers,(MCS).

I have an interest in the history of British Columbia, especially the preservation of the Riverview Hospital site.
Which includes the rebuilding of Finnies Garden with a dedicated group of volunteers.
I love the history and ecology of Minnekhada Park, and have done extensive research on its previous owners.
The elusive, though extensive history of the Pitt River which includes Pitt Lake and the Upper Pitt River is slowly being gathered together, for a future book. Much of this area now includes the Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park, which another group that I am involved in the Burke Mountain Naturalists,( BMN ) worked hard to create for future generations to enjoy.
I like to hike around the area taking pictures, here is a small portion of them in Panoramio and also Flickr

Patricia Gaspar, is a dear, artist friend who has a Blog with a small portion of her work.
. Some of the history of the Coquitlam area, I share in my Coquitlamites Blog.

And I really like the music of Eva Marie Cassidy

Still laughing

Still laughing

Crystal Falls

South Slope / Sterling Loop trails

View South Slope-Sterling Loop trails in a larger map

Knots and Splices

Create some Knots and then, make your own Laneyards

Some free books from Internet Archive

Knots, ties and splices; a handbook for seafarers, travellers, and all who use cordage; with historical, heraldic, and practical notes (1884)

The use of ropes and tackle (1922)

A huge guide for sailors of old. The kedge-anchor, or, Young sailors' assistant :

appertaining to the practical evolutions of modern seamanship, rigging, knotting, splicing, blocks, purchases, running-rigging, and other miscellaneous matters, applicable to ships-of-war and others ; illustrated with seventy engravings ; also tables of rigging, spars, sails, blocks, canvas ... &c relative to every class of vessels (1883)

Macrame design, with instructions .. (1912)

Rope and twine information (1917)

American wire rope catalogue and hand book (c1913)

Full instructions in the art of crepe paper rope basket weaving (1922)

Modern flax, hemp and jute spinning and twisting ; a practical handbook for the use of flax, hemp, and jute spinners, thread, twine, and rope makers (1907)